What are your thoughts on smartwatches?

Samsung smartwatchBeing the GG (Geeky Guy) that I am I’ve noticed the launch this year of more and more so-called “smartwatches”. What are these things I hear you asked. From my point of view they are a little bit of a disappointment to be honest. Yes, for sure, they look pretty cool (although a bit chunky on your wrist with their big faces; but then so do many fashion watches).

I was expecting more a “smartphone on your wrist” but the smartwatch is more of a remote connection to your smartphone. Generally they connect via Bluetooth so you need to have your smartphone pretty close by (bag or trouser pocket should do it). You can accept calls on the smartwatch and they also have some basics apps such as note taker and even eBay.

Smartwatches are not new though, according to Smart Watches Guide the likes of Seiko were producing “smartwatches” back in the early-1980s (remember those calculator watches with the tiny buttons?). Things have come a long way since though. So what will be the best smartwatch in 2013? Sony have launched a watch and so have Samsung, Apple are also rumoured to be getting a smartwatch ready for launch.

I’m still sitting on the fence; this could either be a complete gimmick or the next big thing. If you want to keep up-to-date with smartwatch developments have a look at www.smartwatchesguide.com for the latest news.

The weekend in pictures…Bamburgh castle

As it was quite warm and sunny this weekend we decided to take a day trip northbound to Bamburgh castle in Northumberland. What an amazing place this is. The village of Bamburgh itself is very picturesque (and very affluent looking) but the castle dominates the village sat high on its rocky outcrop. You can have a good look around the castle (you have to pay quite a steep fee to get in though) and the views across the bay are fantastic.

Bamburgh castleInside the castle is the Armstrong and Aviation Artefacts Museum which seemed to house some good exhibits amongst some not-so-good stuff. The castle is still owned by the Armstrong family and you can take a tour around most of their living areas, although they do still retain some private areas of the castle!

We even managed to finish the day of with fish & chips in nearby Seahouses. Well worth the visit but I would recommend you price up the castle first, if there a lots in your group its going to get expensive!

Vintage wedding photography

Vintage wedding tableThis “Hurley Pix” post is all about weddings. Am I getting re-married, hope not. No, the inspiration behind this post was my recent attendance at a close friends wedding party. What I liked about this wedding was that the bride and groom had chosen to have a “vintage style” wedding. Now for those of you who don’t now what that is (and apologies for patronising those who do), a vintage wedding is all about bringing retro elements into your wedding day; so old style bridal dresses, “shabby chic” table decorations and decor; you get the picture.

If you like the sound of this then are plenty of sites out there that have photos from vintage style weddings and also supplier directories to give you inspiration, try the Vintage Wedding Store, for instance. Now is a good time to start searching for ideas and another good source for vintage wedding ideas for spring time is of course Pinterest.

What my friends did was create a mood board from Pinterest ideas (they are the creative sort) then headed on over to www.vintageweddingstore.co.uk to find suitable wedding suppliers. All came together very well.

Thoroughly enjoyed the day!

This week’s random pic post…no.1

I read in the newspaper today that homemade jam making was seeing a resurgence, so as with all good investigative journalism I thought I would go and check it out. The article stated that jam making equipment sales were up 200% in 2013. Sounds good if your are in the “jam making equipment business” I guess but it got me thinking: “what on earth is jam making equipment?” Can you buy really cool jam making stuff maybe?

Maslin panAnyway, I came across something called a Maslin pan. Now if you are a jam making aficionado then you will know what one of these is. I didn’t. However, apparently it is a “shaped like a giant teacup” with a large top opening to encourage evaporation. It also has a handle and spout for easy emptying.

Well I never knew that! That is my total random pic for the day. I learnt something (although maybe not that useful), hope you do to!

What are your thoughts on caravan holidays?

My wife and I were discussing yesterday that we need to take a break for a few days and decided we should pick somewhere to go in the October school holidays. I thought we may get a cheap deal with it being late in the year but I was surprised to see how the holiday companies manage to profit with over-pricing during the school holiday period.

Caravan holidayAnyhow, our plans of staying in a swanky hotel or Centre Parcs were squashed (wow, Centre Parcs is really expensive!) and we were left with three cost-effective options:

  1. Find a really cheap Bed & Breakfast – always seems to be “pot luck” in terms of what standard you get
  2. Stay in a tent – too cold and wet this time of year
  3. Choose a caravan holiday

I had not thought about a caravan holiday before (or I had and put it deeply at the back of my mind) so we starting look for cheap caravan holidays in Devon. We had a look on most of the leading operators sites but also came across a good site Great Caravan Holidays.that list lost of last minute deals.

Well after not too much searching we have found a very good priced caravan break in Devon, UK. We are booked and ready to go. I am still not entirely convinced about cheap caravan holidays, but if it all works out then it could be the way to go.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Okay…so what is Hurley Pix about?

Jim HurleyHi there I’m Jim Hurley! I have created Hurley Pix (catchy eh!) so I can showcase some great pictures from around the web. I will try to cover lots of different topics and will aim to cover the latest news and trends…and I may just through in some oddball posts. Anyway, this is the first post, hopefully plenty more on the way!

Who am I. I guess I could be described as a “tech geek”, basically meaning I know something about computers, which a lot of people do I know but it’s sad to say (aaaahhh!) that I don’t have many hobbies actually outside of computing…apart from computer-related hobbies such as gaming…and website design….yes, you’ve got.

Anyway, enough of my “waffle”…hope you enjoy the blog. Keep checking back for any future updates.